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A New Hero – TDC2688

Occasionally it is possible to learn about a person who you have never heard of your entire life but once you find them you realize they totally fit the definition of someone to be greatly admired. Who was the last role model or hero that you “discovered”? Why do they fit that description?

Why did I choose Matthias. For starters the way his past is is similar to mine. he didn’t really come from a “rich” family but didn’t come from a “poor” one either. He then fell in love and married his wife. They lived their beginnings of their marriage with little to no money and barely enough money for food. He then started Vlogging and started up singing. He started to become more noticeable and they changed their life around making it a better life for them, and their on the way baby. He is now a CEO of his own Incorporation and is making as of 2018 , ≈$2.5 Million dollars. (Full story on net worth here: https://naibuzz.com/much-money-matthias-make-youtube/). I look up to him as my Hero not because he has a lot of money but for the fact that he came from nothing and rose above all the obstacles in his way and made his life livable.

When I was around 15 I remember my therapist would ask me who my Role model is. I would say my self, or My closest friend. Some half-a**ed answer just to continue our conversation. Now that I’m older and can actually see the world with my own eyes, and not how my parents saw it, I would say yes I am my own Role model because of how I grew to be. But my Hero… Someone who has actually lived through it… That decision for me was easy, it is Matthias. he is an Inspiration to me and the steps I should take to make my life better.

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