Multimodal Badge Materials

After a long waited arrival I have finally been gifted the opportunity to say I have met the credentials in earning a Multimodal Badge. However, if you want to read about how my thought process rolled through its course and how I developed my ideas for its material towards this predacious award, Please read below 🙂 My Badge will also be below!!

I had thought for a long time about what materials I was going to use in order to achieve receiving my Multimodal badge. Since working as a Digi Space Consultant I have had it in my mind of what am I going to do to qualify. How am I going to have time to do this? Now that the time has come for me to sit down and really think about it I think I am ready to state what I’ll be doing.

I will, in total, be doing three projects. The first will be an Image, Second a Video, and thirdly, a repurposed project. These projects will be made into a table below, with links to their pages on what is happening as for that topic and a checkmark with when they are completed. For your ease, these pages will open into a new tab at the top of the screen. 

( EXAMPLE: Reading Responses √ )

Project NumberTopicReflection
1Fortunes Rock – Image√ 
2A Day with Bella – Video√ 
3The Dog Cast – Repurposed√ 


I wanted to have three projects that positively reflected on who I am and who I have become. This is why I found three things I can use to tie them all together. By this, I mean that I started off with having The Dog Blog where I introduced Bella to the world as my hero and gave an insight, that I normally never talk about. From there I made the Day with Bella where it was her and my roommates going to the beach together and having a fun day with her, where we can see her personality. Then lastly, on that same day, I had ended up taking an image of the sun setting over some houses on Fortunes Rock, and edited them for my Instagram followers to view. 

I ended up indirectly tying all of these projects together, but, I am so happy that I did. Bella is a large portion of my life and I wanted to showcase in a way that was different than someone meeting her in person. Since all of these were tied together, I thought, why not tie the actual projects together. The Fortunes Rock image was taken the same day as my Day with Bella video. The audio in the background of my podcast is the same ones used in my video project. Inadvertently, I managed to tie everything around Bella, and everything around these projects together. I hope you enjoy knowing more about me, and about Bella, as we go through this journey together.