Multimodal Composing

Written by Molly Schoen and Sarah Blazer

Edited by Lindsay A Sabatino and Brian Fallon

A Professional Growth Experience 

Getting more in depth into chapter 14, I can feel the similarities between myself and how this writer is feeling. I have always questioned how do I properly site this image? How do I include this person so that they can get credit? It is one thing that I don’t like is being accused of plagiarism. Which, no one should like either. With my paper’s I know the content is created by me and the only thing I would have to worry about is adding a Caption to them. On the other hand, I have also made Youtube videos where I know there is someone’s song included in it. In that case I would say, since I do know how touchy Youtube is with copyright claims, that I cite them correctly. All it would take is saying the persons name and content title as a way to claim it as a “educational workaround”. On page 201 it talks about these type of workarounds where it says that students would mail paste a URL. In the case of Youtube that is not enough and you will need more information to not get a copyright claim put on you.

In contrast what is stopping a student from taking one of these songs, or painting, tweaking it and then claiming it as your own. After the original image has been altered then it should be considered as a new work of art and no longer owned by the first person. These type of changes can be seen in the new age media, with Gif’s and Meme’s. With every change to those, who is to say that it won’t be their original intent that they made, or if they had taken if and claimed it from an original artist. There is the Reverse image searching option on page 205, which is an amazing way to go around and double checking just to be certain that there is no way to get a copyright infringement. 

In a previous class we were instructed to look up different ways to cover any copyright that would be done from our portfolios. As a student I strongly suggest doing this with others’ portfolio so that their work is also protected in any manor.  We did this with using Creative Commons. Now, anyone can use my work with me still gaining credit. It is a win win.