Staff Meeting 1

Life as a Digi consultant:

My life as a digi consultant is a new one, I have only been working for Digi space for about a year now, and It was the best decision for me to make. I was able to meet new people and get more aclamated into the technological world. It helps me be more open to communication with random people, and have a good feeling that I helped someone do somthing.


What its like being an assistat:

At times it can get hard when you are trying to find an answer for an issue but the problem isnt being resolved how I wanted it to, which adds on stress of the job. But, I would typically circle back to the question and start again after my mind is clear a little bit. Other times we get to go into class visits and meet other new people. Which is also great when it comes time for making an appointment, where I am a familiar name and face for them when it comes time for appointment making.