Digi Consultant Work

As a Level 3 Digital Space Consultant,

I provide direct assistance to fellow students as they build and shape digital projects, ePortfolios, and professional digital identities. Consultants must be responsible, resourceful, and quick-thinking in order to handle the changing needs of individual projects. 
Level 3 DigiConsultants have developed their digital skills and knowledge through at least 6 months of DigiSpace work experience and have completed professional development and skill-building activities. They have proven reliability and are developing their leadership skills as contributing team members and mentors to new consultants.
Additionally, they have earned the multimodal literacy badge. Their professional development may include CRLA tutor training (levels 1 or 2) or multiple professional readings with reflections in their ePortfolio.

Skills and Expectations for this job include: 

·       Willingness to learn digital tools and to be flexible in a dynamic environment
·       Willingness to engage in a professional learning community by reflecting on program goals and development
·       Detail-oriented (particularly for record-keeping and tracking lab use)
·       Welcoming and professional attitude and conduct
·       Experience in assisting peers
·       Excellent communication skills
·       Proven reliability and willingness to work independently as well as to attend required staff meetings and complete training and professional projects
·       Experience with creating and posting Youtube videos

I will be including any activities that were done in my training, or even while I am in my consultant sessions. I am adding in some side work that I have done during my hours as well.