June 10, 2019



AKARRIKER@UNE.EDU                       (413) 404 6199 (MOBILE)



Associative assistant / Optomitrist Assistant

September 2014 – August 2016

I oversaw managing appointments for our patients, organizing/ keeping up with patients’ files, working one on one with patients when picking out their glasses.

Copy center – mail room / UNE facilities mail room

May 2017 – (Current)

I work personally with students receiving and sending their mail, I also handle problem solving, and maintained an order with certain items throughout the office.


Aquatic Lab personal / Assistant

June 2018 – June 2019

I participate in helping to maintain and upkeep of various aquatic labs on UNE campus. Focusing mainly on the fresh and salt water labs’ upkeep of the animals as well as breeding of the animals.


Safe Ride Driver

November 2019 – (Current)

I  provide the members of the University of New England community a safe and free alternative to walking alone after dark. Our Job is to enhance the safety on Campus while giving the Students who are walking at night a better way to go to their dorm.




I am knowledgeable in technology such as I phones, Mac’s, PC’s.
I am a hands-on person.
I self-taught myself how to play piano at the age of 12.


I am Van certified.
I am Golf cart certified.
Extensive knowledge of inventory control.
Resourceful planner / coordinator.

R Commander
Microsoft Office



High school:

Graduate 2016




Rising Senior



MAJOR: Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences



GPA (Cumulative): 2.57



Volunteer Experience or Leadership

Middle School:

  • I would volunteer 2 hours every day at my local library to help put away books and help with the children readings that took place.


High School:

  • I would volunteer at the elementary school near my high school to assist in their field days from sophomore year to senior year.
  • I volunteered for the local plays that were going on as a stage hand.



  • I am volunteering and dedicating my time to working on filing and sorting a heavy assignment that we like to call the Morgane project. I have been with this project since November 2016.
  • I volunteered to work a full day as a storm front move in crew member in August 2017. I again Volunteered to assist move in crew in August 2019.
  • I worked as a summer 2018 Orientation Leader, focusing on helping the incoming first year students in the ways of college life.

References on page 2 as well as a downloadable link!