Blog Rhetorics


As you think about your own blog project ideas, which rhetorics might be most appropriate for you to employ and why?

As a Gen X student, I grew up watching Vloggers in my teen years. I find the similarities between blogging and vlogging to be the new thing. People dont just sit down and write out how they feel, that’s way too “old fashion”. Then again, in this Tech Age, people aren’t going to sit down and type out how their day went because it could lead to a similar case like MTV’s show Awkward ( if you haven’t seen it, I recommend a watch). Jenna, the main character, would post on her private blog every day, then things got complicated and everyone in her school had access to her personal life and the show spun from there. I digress. Now and days we have people like Logan and Jake Paul vlogging about their everyday life. Vlogging is the new form of blogging, in a sense. It is still expressing your day to day go about’s but in a different form. Now, I’m not saying I will be doing a daily Vlog, That’s not going to happen. I am saying that I want to find a topic where I can express what I am doing day to day while still “engaging with the public” (Rheingold, 123). I would like to start a Blog on Why people living with any ailment should have a companion. To spread some light further on this, I live with an Ailment, Depression, I have a companion, Bella, whom we all know is my dog. In my mind I have it set that she will always be there for me when people will not. As for my Rhetoric, I would like to deal with persuasion. With This type of situation I would like to bring about my Blog.



I love the connection you made between blogging, blogging, and the great show, “Awkward.” I think that your blog idea of opening the conversation of companions and ailments is extremely intriguing. I also think that animals, in general, are a great topic to write about that many audience members would enjoy. I am excited to see what you’re first-hand experience can contribute to such an important topic. As far as the difference between blogging and vlogging, I also believe that vlogging offers a visual and creates a space for a more intimate connection between the author and the audience. Do you agree? When I watch videos of people I subscribe to on Youtube, I almost feel like I know them and get excited to see the content that they produce.


Honestly Awkward was ahead of its time. If they had a reboot, I’d love it. I also can say that I enjoy the intimate connection that youtuber’s can bring. They’re so good at engaging with their audience that I really do feel like I’m sitting there with them. I like to watch some gaming shows when I’m bored, and honestly, If I see something that happens while they’re playing Gary’s mod – Prop hunt ( also, if you haven’t seen this, recommend a watch) and it was funny, I will laugh right along with them. Makes me feel like one of the guys.

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