Summer 2019

Hello again lovely page, as you know my name is Ally Karriker. I am now a second semester Junior at University of New England in Biddeford, Maine and It has been a long time since I have posted on this site. I am excited to say that I have taken up Michael Cripps’ class on Reading and writing in the digital environment. As I normally do I will be creating a whole new page for Michael’s class. This will be under my English tab, Eng 304. Inside this page, Like my other English classes, I have a home page. It has the links to all my  class activities. This pages include my work with the Blog, my Daily creations, my Readings, discussion with other students and my replies to them ,the DS106 material, and my work link to my Medium page. I am debating on transferring the work over from Medium to this platform, until I make this decision the link will remain Active. I humbly welcome you back to my page and look forward to working with Professor Cripps for Reading and Writing in the digital environment.

Spring 2017

Hi, as you know my name is Ally Karriker. I am still a freshman at University of New England in Biddeford, Maine but am now I am a second semester student in Spring. However, It does not look at all like spring; it looks more like winter still. As I write this on January 18th, It is snowing. SNOWING. I will say that It usually is snowing in January but it just so happens that the first day that we come back to classes it has to snow. Less talk about the weather and more about schooling. To continue on from my first semester in the Fall I still will have my work from Eric’s class in Eng 122; As well as adding a NEW menu from my second semester of English labeled Eng 123. Inside this page, Like Eric’s I will have my draft page with all of my essay drafts, A final draft page with all of the final copies of my essay’s. And Lastly A completely new page that is a centralized area for all of my Homework that I have done for English 123. I humbly welcome you back to my page and look forward to working with Professor Frank in my now Spring semester of College, English, reading and writing.

Fall 2016

Let me be the first to say, Welcome to my E-Portfolio website. My Name is Ally Karriker, I am a freshman at University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. This website is the main focal point of my English 122 class but I have also included a separate menu on my Environmental 104 as well. In the class that started on what seems like forever ago ( but was actually September 5th) our teacher, Professor Drown, instructed us on how being a proper writer can influence our lives greatly. As of now, we, as a whole class have greatly improved in achieving Eric’s main goal. To make us from Novice writers into Expert writers. I see myself having greatly improved. I can happily say that now towards the end of this semester I have finally drawn my attention into a more global preference than to continue having a local focal point when writing and reading essays. None of that would have been possible without this class. All of my work for his class will be under the Eng 122 menu on my home page; My Environmental classes work will be under the Env 104,  if you feel to take a look. Again, welcome to my page!