Eng 122

English 122 is a class that I am happy I took.  Without this class I would not have understood how I could really become a better writer. There are so many learning objectives that I didn’t expect to be learning but I did learn. It’s exciting to see what my other work has really done to help shape how I could perform in this class.

Aside from the learning objectives and my other work I also did three main essay’s: The very first writing assignment where It talks about how higher education is a good choice to make in life; Secondly my literacy narrative where I talk about how I became who I am in a writer’s since; Lastly my analytical discourse based essay where I talked about the correlation between Gee, Delpit, My thoughts, and the children movie, Zootopia.

All of these essays are accompanied with there rough drafts that could be shown in relation to my final copy to see my progression. Aside from doing those I also did a short progress evaluation on my own work. Also, with this work, I included my professor, of this section, website. All of this was a very informative and well organized class and I again, am happy to have taken it.