What’s the MEME?

Sometimes you have to be there for a friend no matter what happened. then sometimes you just have to look at them and say, are you crazy? At the end of the day you need to be there for your friend not the ex/current partner. I decided to do a MEME like this because this situation actually happened. It was a funny play of event, but at the end I was still there for my girl. As long as she is happy, I am happy. that’s what friends do, They support.

At first for the WHATS THE MEME I was going to do a Thanos meme with Gamora and Red Skull, all the fun Mar-Vel people. Then I realized whats more relatable than the dude on the bottom right. He is an Un-dead mean, meaning his face can never not be memeable. I also did this because I know we can all relate to that one friend who was with “mr. or mrs. perfect” and they had a falling out and got back together. I’ve seen this time and time again. Especially in High school. Then again, the drama from High school stays in high school. And No, these images do not belong to me, nor are the women in the top right my friend and I.

To make this MEME I simply opened up my Paint 3D on Windows. I inserted the photos by copying and pasting them from google, Aligned them in the places I wanted and shaped my Text boxes around them. The last step I did was save it not as a JPEG but as a PNG.

To learn more about JPEG vs. PNG click here, it will show you all about it.

Can I get a #relatable for this MEME tho?


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