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For a fun free way to learn Code I am sure happy I did it with Codecademy. This website truly is am amazing piece of software and I wish I knew about it sooner! I got to have the opportunity to sit down, listen to some music, and do some really cathartic learning. My roommate from all the years I’ve been in college, is a Program developer, and I had to ask him a question on one of my HTML steps, he said to me ” I don’t know HTML, once you’re done can you teach me?” I nearly fell off my chair. I had a Father, who has a degree in programming, ask me how to Code. Of course I am going to tell him! I have only completed three courses, but since it is free I will probably go back and go learn more! That is how awesome I think this site it.


What I’ve learned

Learn HTML

    • Introduction to HTML
    • HTML Documentation Standards
    • Tables

Learn CSS

    • CSS Setup and Selectors
    • CSS Visual Rules
    • The Box Model
    • Changing the Box Model
    • CSS Display and Positioning
    • CSS Color
    • CSS Typography

Learn Make a Website

    • Site Structure
    • A Closer Look at CSS
    • Boundaries and Space

Personal Perspective

So far I am surprised I learned all these different coding techniques, just from taking an online class.


People usually take years to learn all this type of information and I even made it all the way to get 100%’s on this. I am actually really proud of myself. I really recommend this website to anyone who wants to learn Code in a nice and easy way. You also get awards (Below) for completing all the fun things you learned! It’s like getting a progress report back from your teacher, with less stress.






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