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What do you think about what Shirky writes there?

For this section, I think that Shirky was trying to say that the big named people, in this case TSE, is trying to feed off the success that the smaller people, in this case the cleaning ladies, make. It is basically a way to say to the smaller people, Hey i helped build your career now you should pay me for helping you get to the top. the same goes for the music industry as well. Its all to just make a profit.


I like The way you explained this. It is very different from what I said for my explanation. from what I understand you think that the no so successful people are asking for credit from the professionals? My thoughts were that people were trying to learn what the professionals know and do their jobs so they do not have to pay the professionals to do it for them. what is your opinion on that?


This is the great thing about the internet is that everyone’s views can be different. When I was reading it, I saw this as TSC trying to take credit for the cleaning ladys success. That what they are doing, and how they are doing it well, would have only been possible because of the company. Now that they are advancing in their jobs TSC wanted some type of credit to go along with what they had “begun”. Like I said, this was only what I had sought from this article.

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