Idea Integration

My idea integration skills and ideas about integrating my own ideas with those of other writers evolved from being a small portion in my writings to having them in more than I could expect. A very good example of what I think when I think of integrating my thoughts with other writers immediately went to my work with Gee and Delpit in the Discourse Assignment. In my assignment I used signal phrasing as well as paraphrasing, and brackets where necessary all in a Barclay formula. An example of me using signal phrasing strongly in the discourse assignment is “If you can’t fully understand a discourse you may end up not fitting in with the “people who have already mastered the discourse” ( Gee, 7 ). ” The reason I believe the bold section is a good signal phrasing is because it gives a topic before reading the quote, giving the reader some knowledge before reading the actual quote. A good example in this assignment for paraphrasing in a sentence corresponds with using brackets,” Once you acquire an identity kit then you can go to these masters of discourse to be “trained… [and take on the] apprenticeship [role]” ( Gee, 7 ). For proving my use of paraphrasing I made bold what I read from the author and paraphrased it, then included it in the text in brackets to indicate that it was my words not the authors who said that.