Active/Critical Reading

My reading process and ideas about how I read actively and critically evolved over the course of the semester with help from Eric’s class as well as with my SASC class with Jen Gennaco. They both have helped me with learn to physically write out my annotations. Before Eng 122 I only just highlighted in one color, the common yellow, but now working with both of them I see a whole new world of color, and what they can do for me. When annotating I could highlight one sentence and another and now I can write down my thoughts on to why I did highlight them. Like  when I was doing my research on the Discourse piece I read through Gee’s piece about twenty to twenty five times. With continuous highlighter markings and  writings on how I could tie in the sentence with my Essay. For example I did a second research on tying in my movie to his text by finding pieces in the movie that would correlate with the text Gee wrote, then wrote off of the text- to- movie relations. On Gee’s work I wrote a personal side note saying “CONNECT WITH ZOOTOPIA 1) she was taught bunny ways,  2) is now being taught police ways, [and] 3) shows apprenticeship. This correlated with my essay because I highlighted the entire section of the piece that had to do with apprenticeship and used it in my essay. The benefits of annotations like these are that as I said before I tied them in all together as a text -to- movie. Which helps greatly when you are looking for a topic to write about. Reason being is because you would already have your topic and the evidence to back your theory, giving you an almost ready to be written paragraph.