About Me

Let me begin by introducing myself.

        My name is Alexandrea Karriker, Ally – for short. Currently I am attending the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine, studying Aquaculture and Aquarium sciences. I have hope to graduate with a Major in this field in Fall of 2020. After I graduate I will want to look into moving from my home state of Massachusetts to lovely Florida. Once in Florida I want to look into working with Live aquatic animals where I get to play and interact with them for years to come.

        For a bit of background information I have always felt like what I am doing here isn’t good enough. That just me, 1 out of 8 Billion people on this earth isn’t doing enough. I have always wanted to do more. Growing up I never really had a say in what I could and could not do. Once I could make my own decision and I proved that I was mature, even before turning the legal age of mature, I knew that my life was always going to be my life.

        I began living my life in regards to how I needed to live, how I can better myself, how I can improve my life. With just one decision making skill I was able to turn what my family has dragged our name down as, and branch away from the negativity. In doing this, and letting go of my hardships, I was able to break from my family and start my name over. I was no longer the kid who was “Their Child”, or ” That’s His sister”. I had made my name mine and no one else would be able to drag my name down.

        When I was 16, I worked as an Ophthalmologist’s Assistant. Working that, as my first job, really made me grow up. I was working with people who were much older than me, who had families, and degrees – Lot’s of them. It was stressful at times but every wrong move I made my boss, happily, made sure to show me the right way to do things. In return to this, I learned how to be respectful, responsible, and manageable of all things like Time, Important tasks, different appointments. It turned me into a reliable person.

        Five years later I am still using those skills and traits that I have learned when I was 16 and still putting it across today. I strive every morning to get up and take care of my dog, she keeps me going as a healthy person. With her, by my side, I am unstoppable because I know I will have her to fall back on in case anything happens to me. I can command her to apply pressure when I am feeling any bad thoughts. I can command her to get me something that relaxes me. I can even just sit there and watch her play which will, in turn, make me happy. I even wrote a blog on here about her, and some challenges I had while having her.

        Everything That I do now, I don’t just do it for a specific reason. I look back and think of how I felt like I don’t contribute. If I can be that one person who another can rely on, then I have done my job. I have added another point that makes me feel like I am doing something with a reason. I always push my self to be out there in the world and try and socialize with people to the best of my ability.

        Changing one small thing from my past is what has led me to have this future I have now. Back then I didn’t have a choice but, now? The opportunities are limitless.