11 – This is It.

The final episode of my 11 part series of making my Dog Blog into a Dog cast. Thank you so much for listening to this series everyone. It means a […]

10 – Presentation

Families that stick together stay together. That is why it is important to showcase the differences from having Bella, to not having her could do. You won’t be hearing from […]

9 – Skepticism

This episode is the bad about service animals. Some people think that having them is wrong, and by that, they protest, and call them fake service animals. All services animals […]

8 – I am not alone

There are other people just like me where they have to fight for the right to keep their dogs with them at all times, then there are also somewhere they […]

7 – Not Just Dogs

Miniature horses are cute, fuzzy, and most importantly service animals! They do the best of the best work for helping those that are physically incapable of moving and need help […]

6 – The Hermit

Shutting down and locking everyone out. The pure downsides of taking the medication and waiting for it to begin working. Keeping my mind busy with Bella so I would be […]

5 – New Friends

Bella outside a normal Service duty and in the light of helping others. Her presence and how it can light up a room while also maintaining safety around the campus […]

4 – Adjusting Everything

This episode is a small glimpse into my more emotional side and how I would feel in every typical day with my type of situation. It is an episode that […]

3 – Happy Travels

Bella’s journey into coming to school with me, the transition for her, and what my family thought about me taking Bella to the place we all know and love, the […]

2 – Connection is Key

Connections with anyone is key to any type of relationship. Without being there for one another it is hard to know if they will be there when you really need […]

1 – Service Animals

A little introductory course that address’ different types of descriptions and animal abilities that would qualify them as being a service animal as well as classifying the different types of […]